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Touch Me

let me tell you now, I could not make this clearer
you're too far away, I need to feel you nearer
take a few steps towards my life now, come on, baby, touch me

if I have to cast a spell in meditation
with some hocus-pocus prestidigitation
I will employ those magic arts, whatever makes you touch me

and I iterate again with some insistence
if you don't right here and now reduce the distance
I will quite simply lose my mind, so come on, baby, touch me

I don't wanna make no wild exaggerations
but you understand the awesome implications
I will be lost in outer space if you don't come and touch me

and even if it's only an inch
that's separating you from my clinch
if I don't feel your touch then you're far too far from me

there's only one thing I know will please
it's something tantamount to a squeeze
a squeeze that lets me know that you're really part of me

I'll be on the warpath, I'll be bellicoser
if I do not feel that you are coming closer
let me just sense all of your body round me, baby, touch me

won't you hearken to this heartfelt lamentation
don't just leave it all to my imagination
I need to feel you in my life, so come on, baby, touch me

please touch me


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