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A Loving Like This

it's not as if I've not been here before or do not know how one copes
I've been around just like musical chairs and had several affairs, so I do know the ropes
my past relationships were not that bad, but put quite simplistically
not overstated or exaggerated
this new thing with you is quite unrelated

for all these years I have been unaware of the simple secret of bliss
the secret now revealed in each single kiss
I never once realised there could be loving like this

I have experienced love pangs, I have experienced sighs
but past experience pales when I merely look in your eyes

unlike my previous emotions, this passion's utterly new
for there's a different dimension to what I'm feeling for you

the fact my heart has not felt this before defies all analysis
how in the world until now was my heart prone to miss
the celebration of joy in a loving like this
the way I'm feeling with you in a loving like this ?


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