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Fred Astaire

when they talk about the sparkle, the shine and sheen
of the golden greats who danced on the silver screen
there is one name, it has to be said
that stands one million paces ahead
for while romancing he was entrancing
and elevated style in his dancing

and when he appeared top-hatted, white-tied, and tailed
he displayed a way of charming that never failed
he had a sense of rhythm and blues
a natural at shuffling shoes
was never awkward, and never sleazy
just made it look deceptively easy
dapper, dainty, deft and debonair
stylish with controlled flamboyant flair
not uncouthly, always smoothly

nobody song-and-danced like Fred Astaire

you can research that magical spell
and trace it right back to Fred and Adele
right from that golden musical age
he learnt it all on that vaudeville stage

clutching Ginger Rogers by his side
classily across the floor he'd glide

practising poise and elegant pose
while treading the boards and tapping the toes
thirty-one films to study and then
to watch and enjoy again and again

oh, it makes me smile - I really would love to know
who auditioned him and and then informed RKO
'in all these test rehearsals we've done
of all these guys there's maybe just one
whom we can whittle, who's worth commital
can't sing, can't act, but can dance a little'
look at all those films he's left behind
who is more distinguished and refined ?
terpsichore in its glory

nobody song-and-danced like Fred Astaire


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