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The Wind in My Sails

you are the wind in my sails
someone who shows me the way whenever direction fails
you are my port in a storm
when there are buffeting winds your love keeps me safe and warm
when I'm low
then you know what I need

life is a thing passing fair
cos when I'm in trouble, when I'm in doubt
you are the one who helps me work it out

when I feel I could cry babe
when I'm in need of a shoulder
well I got one thing for sure babe
that's your sweet sweet love

sometimes I'm lost and confused babe
sometimes I feel like I'm drowning
but I have nothing to fear babe
when I know I have you / cos I know that

you are that welcoming light
guiding me home to your love in even the darkest night
life is a thing passing fair
cos when I am lost, don't know what to do
you are the one whose love will see me through


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