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I'm Still So Much In Love With You

so many years ago, when we were young
I fell in love with you, and asked you to be mine
and you accepted me, and every time we kissed
I felt that old proverbial tingle down my spine
I felt a sheer excitement thrill me when we both embraced
and you were all the world to me
and time has shown how precious love can be

now after all these years nothing has changed
I'm still turned on by you, the way I was before
I feel the same way now as once I ever did
in fact, the truth is that I love you even more
I sometimes can't believe the happiness you've given me
an unasham?d love is what I feel

the same delight when you're with me
the same sweet joy and ecstasy
and after all these perfect years it's true ..... true....

I'm still so much in love with you


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