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Darling, What's Happened to You ?

you used to carry a frown
you used to grimace and growl and spread glowering gloom
you used to furrow your brow
for all the world as if expecting imminent doom

but now that misery has gone by
you've got that gleaming glint in your eye
darling what's happened to you ?

you used to pull a long face
and hunch your shoulders like some kind of manic depressed
you used to lash out and scowl
there wasn't any thing in life you didn't detest

but now you've gone and altered your style
you're laughing and you're wearing a smile
darling what's happened to you ?

hope you do not mind, but used to be I'd find you inert, inactive - but
I'm admitting to you that this very new you is quite attractive

you used to jab with the jibes
almost as if acerbity with you was an art
you used to give out bad vibes
I'd go so far as to say a misanthropic old person

but now it seems you've turned a new leaf
you've turned around beyond all belief
darling what's happened to you ?

I could have eaten my hat
it's just as if I'm standing here with somebody new
and now it's just kind of nice
spending my time in conversation looking at you

your sullen old demeanour is gone
this brand new you is turning me on
darling what's happened to you ?
darling what's happened to you ?
look at what's happened to you !


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