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We Two

we've travelled down this old highway of life
with its curves and its turns and its bends
and on this difficult bumpy old road
through it all we have always been friends

we two have been through the thick and the thin
we two have seen when our horse didn't win
we've seen the stormy rainclouds gather and stay all day
but under one umbrella we waited until they rolled away

we two have been through the rough and the smooth
we two have slept in a telephone booth
reaching rock bottom then some more
somehow we saw it through
by being there for each other, yes, just we two

we've had to share a supper
dining on one last bean
but with some mutual friendship
we bounced back up off life's trampoline

we two have sometimes been down on our luck
we two right down to our very last buck
even when we were down and out
flummoxed for what to do
we smiled and we coped together,
just we two


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