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I Want You There

picture now inside your mind a paradise unparalleled in every way
where the fountains overflow with streams of wine and milk and honey every day
with vast horizon open skies where birds of paradise will sing
in harmony with chiming bells in sweet exhilarating ring
a secret place for fantasy, for realising everything
and I want you there, oh I want you there

it's a place where melody will gush and flow and drift and tumble all around
heavenly tonality and music of the spheres will echo and resound
with choirs of soft angelic voices chansoning in harmony
in unison proclaiming proud their total happiness to be
where every dream within a dream becomes a sweet reality
and I want you there, yes I want you there

in this site celestial all colours of the rainbow roll in reverie
where reds and greens and blues are born from stars across eternity
where dreams are forged and dreams emerge from colours in the heart of me
begotten whims and soft desires engendered gently as can be
and I want you there, yes I want you there


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