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Looking At The faces

(lyrics by Andy Brettell)

looking at the faces sitting in the bars
hoping things get better, gambling on the stars
watching happy people, drinking time away
waiting for one person, someone who will stay

looking at the faces, frozen, painted masks
giving time to strangers, anyone who asks
smiling as it's hurting, faking you don't mind
waiting for one person, someone who'll be kind

looking at the faces, haunting dingy places
searching for the traces of a lover who'll be true
looking at the faces, playing all your aces
trying to fill the spaces, but the right faces are few

looking at the faces, silent, empty stares
searching for a soul-mate, somebody who cares
spending time just drinking, bitching time away
searching for one person, someone who will stay ...
someone who will stay ...
anyone who'll stay ...


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