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Desdemona, your husband's been blinded by wilful deception and sly cajoling
Desdemona, your husband who so loves you is driven by a passion now beyond controlling
Desdemona, your kerchief is missing and it will be used to betray and catch you
Desdemona, a plot has been laid to ensnare you and its consequences will dispatch you

he thinks he has the proof that you've deceived and disobeyed him
has the proof that you have cozened and betrayed him
has the proof that you no longer bear the badge of wifely chastity
he thinks that he now has the proof that you have dressed yourself in scarlet
has the proof that you have turned the wanton harlot
and his heart now for shame thinks you have strayed and been unfaithful to him

and though he loves you so because his jealousy's his weakness
loves you so he'll see a darkness and a bleakness
loves you so armed with the flimsiest of objects he regards as proof
and though he really loves you so the handkerchief will be confession
loves you so in an irrational obsession
he'll decide you must die, and while you sleep he'll lay his hands upon you

Desdemona, one moment of madness, the curtains of darkness are now descended
Desdemona, awake from your dreams now, one kiss on your lips, and all your dreaming is ended


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