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Love Injury

fractured and bruised in every place
patently an emergency case
hung on a slender thread, really it was touch and go

lotions to salve, to soothe and avert
the shock and the grief, the sting and the hurt
leave it to nature, but progress will be really slow

there's a bandage around my heart
it's supposed to promote repairing
the linament's stretched near tearing
but it stops things from falling apart

there's a plaster all round the pain
and they tell me it hides the healing
until re-established feeling
through the sensory nerves and the brain

pending the return of complete sensation
alcohol might be a godsend
but what's needed for full recuperation
only time and tide in truth comprehend
gradually what's broken will mend, will mend, will mend, yeah

the affected area, for protection
thoroughly must be sterilised
after careful cleansing and disinfection
bleeding open wounds must be cauterized
and malignancy be excised, excised, excised, yeah

all these gauzes conceal the scars
lethal legacies from a lover
slowly they might recover
but they'll never fade, not from this broken heart..


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