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The Universe

Mother Earth spinning round, stone three circling the sun
4.8 billion years since the process has begun
spherical (just about, slightly flatter at the poles)
within Space made up of strange dark matter and black holes

in a standard solar system, of eight planets the most dense
40 thousand kilometres plus some in circumference
lying on a spiral arm, observers say
within the galaxy called the Milky Way

our galactical home stretches out, it appears
in diameter 60,000 light years
what's right now on the sun, for that light to be seen
takes in minutes and seconds 8:17

with a molten core of iron, on its surface wander free
animals in life-sustaining air held down by gravity
physically and perfectly dimensional
interpreted by some to be intentional

average distance in miles 238,857
from the earth to its single moon up in heaven
in 2.3 million years light, by cosmical sums
from the galaxy of Andromeda comes

atmosphere nitrogen of percentage 78
oxygen 21, so the boffins calculate
Proxima Centauri, closest star we know today
but a mere miniscule four or so light years away

at a speed of 1041 miles per hour Earth rotates
land mass drifting caused by sliding of huge continental plates
how sublime and mistifyingly diverse
the devastating beauty of the Universe !


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