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Here and Still in Love with Me

many mistakes you live to regret
many mistakes you make to your cost
how can I hope to ever forget
when in my heart I know what I've lost ?

memories they say will slowly fade away
and with time a heart can mend
heaven knows I've tried to push the past aside
but instead I find despite myself I still remember
and in every space, in every lonely place,
yours is still the face I see
after all these years I dream despite the tears
you are here and still in love with me

what am I to do whilst memories of you
still return remorselessly ?
how can I pretend that love has found its end
when with every day the need for you is unrelenting
I will try in vain to hide all sense of pain
then admit reluctantly
wishfully my mind still hopes that it will find
you are here and still in love with me

cast off the past and leave it behind
that's what they say and somehow you'll cope
even in that you'll come to my mind
and once again I'll hope against hope

after tears I've wept you'd think I could accept
something that will never be
but though my teardrops grieve they long to make believe
you are here and still in love with me…

… here, and still in love with me


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