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Alive Because I Love You

something's taken hold of my brain
just as if it once was insane but now is hale and mended
something's taken hold of my life
just as if a cut from a knife had healed and pain had ended
something has turned my head to newer inclinations
something has hammered out those former indentations
something has brought me to new reality
a mournful and blue note has turned to a new note
something's changed
everything's turned round, my heart no longer feels estranged
everything's in flight just like a satellite whose orbit now is re-arranged
because I love you

something's made all sadness depart
suddenly my pitiful heart no longer feels forsaken
something's exercising control
swirling snowflakes in a glass bowl, somehow my life's been shaken
I feel as if a burden and a pain have ceased now
I feel as if a joy of life has been released now
my voice has found desire to sing again
this tingling sensation is rejuvenation
now at last all defeated dreams and memories lie in the past
everything is real and once again I feel how good it is to be alive,
once again I feel how good it is to be alive
because I love you


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