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When You Put Your Hand in Mine

sometimes I think that life just squeezes me a little bit too tight
but there's one thing you do that pleases me and always sets it right

if you and I can be together
then let the temperature decline
I'm unaware of wintry weather
when you put your hand in mine

however sensitive my nose is
when sniffing fragrant eglantine
the scent is sweeter on the roses
when you put your hand in mine

your very presence brings me pleasure
I feel the world's at my command
my merriment is made-to-measure
when we're together and you stand beside me, oh

we're like two plants that grow in one pot
whose touching tendrils intertwine
tying together to make one knot
when you put your hand in mine

doo wop bee dop doo wee doo wop bee dop
doo wop dee dop doo wal
doo weep dop bee dop beep dop doop dop
boo dop dee dop bee dop dee da doo wal

I savour life much more immensely
when I can kiss your lovely lips
I feel sensations more intensely
when with your loving fingertips you touch me, yes

the sunny sky's somehow serener
the stars in heaven, how they shine
and in the meadow grass is greener
when you put your hand in..

put your hand in..
put your hand in mine



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