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Love Was a Funny Little Thing

love was a funny little that happened, completely unplanned
why it just came into my life one moment I don't understand
one moment ordinary life was empty
but then love appeared and led me to you

strange how that unexpected thing just came as a total surprise
it drove my emptiness away, and filled me with stars in my eyes
one moment life was so devoid of meaning
but then love appeared and led me to you

I can't explain the reason heaven was everywhere
when with a kiss you told me that you care

love was a road that I thought I wouldn't walk along
happily I'll admit now I was wrong

strange how you're constantly surprised by things that you think you know well
something that happens all at once reminds you you never can tell
strange how that funny little thing just happened
it happened to me right out of the blue
it happened to me when love gave me you


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