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My Soul Belongs To You

what fundamental force do you control to reach the very heart of all that passes through my mind ?
what elemental powers do you possess to leave my senses unaligned?
how is it everything you say and bid me do can make the world fall far behind ?
and my soul belongs to you

I only have to hear the all commanding all demanding domination in your voice
to acquiesce and hang upon your every word and yet to hear my heart rejoice
I realise that I'm a pawn for you to play, without a will, without a choice
for my soul belongs to you

what dark hypnotic call demands I submit and give you my all ?
what burning desires, what passions of prey consort and conspire to make me obey ?

aburn in your desire my essence becomes aflame and afire
consume all I am and take me, I'm yours, to serve as your slave, to live by your laws

I have no strength, I can't resist the dark insistent urge that simply bends me to your will
how can I fight when every fibre in my being wants the love that you fulfil ?
release the chains, release the bonds, I would remain imprisoned still
for my soul belongs to you


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