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We Kissed and We Kissed

I stepped off the bus and proceeded to find your address
adjusted myself out of fear I was looking a mess
I was a bag of nerves and my mind was blocking
here at your door and quaking quite something shocking
I started knocking

the seconds went by, you opened your front-door to me
that second or two just seemed like eternity
you beckoned me to step inside
and unspokenly my heart was in heaven
I'd never known so much what I wanted before

with me on the couch you were sat somewhere else at the start
not far away but it felt more like ten miles apart
then you arose, came over and sat beside me
I felt a wave, a frisson of glee inside me
that frizzle-fried me

and after a move I grant not entirely unplanned
would you believe, somehow I was holding your hand ?
I cast my gaze from star-filled eyes
and lightning struck to see yours returning
I'd never known so much what I wanted before

from the entire universe if anywhere were offered to me
this was the only place I wanted to be ...

now was the time, I knew what I wanted the most
put on a spurt and make for that finishing-post
I took the plunge and summoned my strength
I said to myself that it's now or never
feeling your breath I moved my lips onto your lips

ceding to what we both could no longer resist
somewhere inside forever we kissed and we kissed


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