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Permanent Love

some people search for rainbows and mystery thrills
seeking the pleasures of life night after night without end
others will find they have but one dream in their lives
they put those pleasures aside, for they intend
simply to find someone to share
Permanent Love

and in the past I know I have wasted my time
fleetingly hunting for fun, not planning where things might go
now I have learnt and find with the passage of time,
with my maturity grown, I at last know
just what I want, just what I need
Permanent Love

transitory romance can be pleasing
temporary kisses can taste sweet
yet I'd call a love not everlasting

one or two night stands can be a sexy
but unsatisfactory affair
better to be always with one person

how many people seem all adrift in their lives
making pretense that their hearts manage with love of a kind
others are certain just what they need in their lives,
they have considered things well, they know their mind
they look to find, precious and rare,
Permanent Love

with You I found
with You I share
Permanent Love


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