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I Remember Love

now as the morning sun ushers in the day
offering one promise of sweet existence again
all heavens shine with the reassurance of amber glow
and my heart is lifted towards a loftier plane
my spirits rise to a higher elevation, soar as if in flight
sensing some cause for celebration within the light

now all the world awakened has come alive
and delights to bathe in revealing sensuousness
everything in life is rejoicing in the dawn caress
and I see light and float in happiness
and I

there are rays that shone on yesterday
that shine now on me and softly say
that whatever may have been the cost
it is better to have loved and lost

light is meaningful and light is warm
giving yesterday a shape and form
better to have tried and then to fall
than to never have had love at all

now each and every day with the soft sunrise
I behold the sun and within its shine I derive
happiness to stand in the glow as memories arrive
to show me how my life was once alive
and I remember....remember....


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