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My Partner and Friend

were I to write in poetry exactly what you are to me, I would be searching for perfection
I'd find my head and heart demanding every word at my commanding to express what I want to
and in my intimate confession every delicate expression would be used to honour you

although the last who's qualified, I'd put all shynesses aside to say as best as I am able
the open gratitude I owe you that I far too seldom show you in the things I say and do
you have provided life's foundation and therein its consecration - my relationship with you

as if Fortune ordained it, as if Gods had it willed
my loneliness took flight the moment I met you, and my life was fulfilled
it's a blessing unmeasured and a miracle true
just to experience the wonderment of life on the pathway with you

I affirm that I love you ever more with each year
the vows and promises I undertook to you are still sacred and dear
when the years are behind us, when they come near their end
I'll be contented to have spent them all with you as my partner and friend


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