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The Melancholy Man

sometimes I choke in memories
tasting the salt in the tears I'm swallowing
some nights I gaze up at the stars
asking myself which ones I've been following

for they've led to nowhere, led to no dreams
not gone according to plan
nothing has seemed to work out right
so you may call me the melancholy man

how many pleasures are in life
and yet it feels I have never tasted them
chances galore to look for love
they were all there, yet somehow I wasted them

and a meaningful love, lasting for life,
should have been part of the plan
it never really came to pass
so you may call me the melancholy man

sometimes deep depression will find me
just casting fortune and fate to the wind
wishing there were not a meaningless existence behind me

did my misguided empty head
simply not see chances I was squandering ?
is the importance of my life merely reduced
to purposelessly wandering ?

well, the record I fear speaks for itself
clearly I formed the wrong plan
now I look back in loneliness
and you may call me the melancholy man


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