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It's Forever

how long will the sky be a cover above you ?
how long will the moon move around the earth elliptically ?
the answer should really be no surprise
you'll see it written right here in my eyes
it's forever

how long will the waves on the sea keep on rolling ?
how long will the rays of the sun fall on the rotating earth ?
don't look around to see where to start
the answer's crystal clear here in my heart
it's forever

some things here in time and space
are fixed in a single place
with no intent of going away
give me the time and you'll see
the love that you'll get from me
is happy here and here it is going to stay

some things that are wont to roam
when they've found that special home
will make their house there permanently
some things when all's said and done
don't stop after they've begun
they have no end, they last for an eternity

how long will I worship the ground that you walk on ?
how long will my pleasure just be to drool and to dote on you ?
the answer's clear and so simple to see
the answer's here if you look at me
it's forever


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