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The Rainbow in You

come the night, come the dream, and the vision is real
soft-sighing zephyrs blow waves upon the oceans
endearments uttered low sanctify emotions felt dearly
every whispered word yet heard so clearly
moving to and fro, fro and to
hear me cry for joy as I am searching for the rainbow in you

face to face, touch to touch, in reciprocal dreams
immersed in total trust, gentle undulations
in scudding, starry dust, sexual sensations all tender
wrestle arm in arm in soft surrender, light takes on a heavenly hue
angels sigh above as I am reaching for the rainbow in you

two hearts fuse in one ascension till they reach and touch the sky

lying here by your side, once again heaven shines
star brightness everywhere, paradise is gleaming
moon brilliance everywhere, darting lights are streaming in dream-flow
when we're making love we make a rainbow and discover colours anew
every time we melt and I am closer to the rainbow in you


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