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How Can I Tell When ?

when it happens, will I know it ?
when I feel love will I show it ?
will my heart fly into the sky in a crazy spin ?
will the moon have an aurora ?
will I dance like Isadora ?
or will ten thousand angels nestle upon a pin ?
(philosophically speaking)

will my vision go all double ?
will I float up like a bubble ?
will I alter behaviour melodramatically ?
(in the manner of the theatre)

will it shock me ? will it please me?
will it burn me ? will it freeze me ?
or will I feel my temperature rise to the nth degree ?
(algebraically speaking)

will I hear bells a ringing ? or whistling shooting-stars
sounding like 'Venus and Mars' played by Paul McCartney (and Wings) ?
maybe I'll be bowled over, or find a four-leaf clover ?
how will I tell when the magical spell is on me ?

will my waist-line be inflated ? or my nostrils be dilated ?
will some metamorphosis strike unexpectedly ?
how can I tell when the love-thing has happened to me ?

will there be claps of thunder ? or chimes rung from pealing bells ?
fairies from dainty dells dancing all around me (in rings) ?
will I be all atremble ? my molecules re-assemble ?
will there be change too morbid and strange to see ?

will my head go over-heeling
when I'm subject to the feeling ?
like I've locked myself in and then thrown away the key ?
how can I tell when the love-thing has happened to me ?


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