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I Really Would Like to See You Again

I'm looking on this evening with some trepidation
cos this'll be the first time we're out on a date
I've been preparing early for our assignation
to make a good impression, don't want to be late

well to tell you the truth, I thought fate was deceiving
but I've checked with my eyes and it's all true
you are here in the flesh, and seeing's believing
and it really is nice to see you...

we get on like a house on fire
and there is so much we have in common
I want to get to know you much, much - much, much more

you make my brain go hyperactive
if you could only read my mind
a voice would tell you you're attractive
that you are just my kind

I feel a primal motivation
something I really can't subdue
it's from the heavenly sensation
of being here with you

the moment that you leave me I'm going to miss you
you're someone more than perfect, whom I don't deserve
I really want to pluck up the courage to kiss you
I want to, but I don't know if I've got the nerve

I will go home and dream a good dream about you
like I've never dreamed since who knows when ?
and how empty will be the time without you
I really would like to see you
really would like to see you
really would like to see you again


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