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not too long before dawn in a city that I adored
I meandered and I explored
from rue to rue just wandering free,
wandering, wandering in Paris
ancient buildings, and old stone-paths and climbing-stairs, thoroughfares
gardens, fountains, and monuments and squares
and then ever so gradually and handsomely the sun began to rise before my eyes

you know from the way that the sun's morning rays
reflect on the banks of the Seine, dancing capriciously
they're in love with Paris

that air of elegant culture and grace
that bubbles like vintage champagne is the the smile you can see
on the face of Paris

wide boulevards where you can see seated out at each pavement cafe
men playing cards, in conversation, and talking with hands in that unrestrained way

explorers can wander and saunter and stroll
seeing the sights and refreshing the soul
Place de l'Etoile, or Les Pigalles, or the Bohemian Left Bank
such a frisson to be where there's never ennui
in the city they call Paris

locked arm in arm, lovers in love promenade lackadaisically
lost in the charm, here in the heart of romance as romantic as romance can be

and right in the centre, majestic and tall
lovingly standing guard over it all
Mademoiselle La Tour Eiffel, posing so proud and serenely
and proclaiming that she is romantic and free
in this city they call Paris


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