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Some Truths Fit Not Convenience

the logic of my intellect convinces me that Wittgenstein was right
an elephant may yet be there, yes, notwithstanding evidence of sight
methinks a human being but a fool
who twisteth not the word to bend the rule
false diamond can yet be a pretty jewel

a fool looked out on a windswept night
his head was turned, his eyes were bright
he looked to the left and he looked to the right
and he saw what he could see
it was not as it should be - quoth he :
"some truths fit not convenience"

the fool rejected as unsound
insistence that the earth be round
he darted a glance at the evidence found
and averted then his gaze
as then at the moon he bays - thus says :
"some truths fit not convenience"

'a word will mean exactly what I want it to mean'
'once and for all, there is a great deal I do not wish to know !'

'what ? can wisdom set bounds even unto knowledge ?'

the fool saith we may please ourselves
let day be night and tens be twelves
for it is his delight to distort when he delves
into realms of what must be to deny reality - thus he :
"some truths fit not convenience"


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