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Never Take It For Granted

if you find real love don't take a chance with it
don't think it's trivial, because it's quite the opposite
don't make the big mistake of missing that one chance
of recognising when you've found the source of happiness

don't throw it all away because you were the fool
now in all seriousness, address your heart and go to school
for when that moment comes, if it is unprepared
you might not see you've really found the source of happiness

it will be there, and standing right before your eyes
but your heart might fail to see
you might lose the one thing in life that matters
if you treat it casually
never take it for granted

don't treat it lightly now as something that can wait
as insignificant, don't leave it to a later date
if you ignore it now, how will you ever know
when fate's placed in your carefree hands the source of happiness ?

re-educate your heart so that it looks and knows
and recognises when fate has its secret to disclose
don't leave it unaware, without the wherewithal
to know when fate has gifted you the source of happiness

for when that miracle of gifted love arrives
and because you came prepared
you will find all time standing still
and telling you you've found the source of happiness

don't live just here and now, think of all life ahead
don't live without a goal think of eternity instead
treat every moment as your one and only chance
the chance, the chance, the chance to find the source of happiness

and when that moment comes, in tearful cries of joy
words will leap out from your heart
here and now is all that I want
I know that I have found the source of happiness
never take it for granted


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