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My Last Song

(lyrics by Andy Brettell)

my last song
it's time for my last song
yes I must sing it now
although it won't be easy to take my final bow

my last song
I'm living my last song
it will of course be sad
standing up here before you, feeling I'm going mad

my last song
is also our last song
we've shared these crazy years, mad memories of magic
my life, my joys, my tears

my last song
you gave your love to me
you taught my heart to sing
how I wish you had told me there would be this reckoning

I am the words, I am the music
but I'm afraid to sing you my last song

my last song
play loudly my last song
then bring the curtain down
I'm no longer the lover, no longer the clown

my last song
alone upon the stage, with no-one in the wings
but knowing how I loved you, my heart forever sings
my last song


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