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have you ever been from dreams woken ?
have you ever had your heart broken ?
have you ever placed your faith and trust in something that you thought would never end ?
and after giving your commitment to someone on whom you thought you could depend
found yourself in utter torment cruelly disillusioned by a friend ?
if you've ridden on that wheel
then you'll know just how I feel...

have you ever seen the moon waning ?
a reflection of your heart...
have you ever thought that fate is prone to play cruel tricks and jokes, and wondered why ?
and debated where it all went wrong and stared through cloudy teardrops at the sky ?
and confessed in secret moments it was all because your heart believed a lie ?
if you've played that losing game
well, my friend, I've done the same...

you found love was made of stepping-stones on which you slip and slide ?
so you now tread much more carefully to reach the other side ?

have you ever had your hopes shattered ?
has your life been stripped threadbare ?
have you looked around for sympathy and found the world was cold with no concern ?
or invested all your feelings and emotions just to find there's no return ?
and that faith placed in the future is a lesson that your heart must now relearn ?
have you wondered now and then
how you'll ever love again ?

as I wonder now and then
how I'll ever love again...
... maybe ...
... maybe ...


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