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Los Angeles

money talks, self-fulfilment reigns supreme
tv ads pumping out a dream
all mass-producing luxuries a heart desires, creating new necessities
Los Angeles

every whim catered for in every place
fix a smile on a lifted face
boulevards where down and out non-entities can celebrate celebrities
Los Angeles

dreams can perish dreams can blossom
in this moneyed microcosm
snow white teeth and pay to floss'm

measure life by who polishes the shoes
some must win, others have to lose
where every vagrant wanders round collecting silver tinsel hanging from the trees
Los Angeles

filthy rich and deprivation
racial ghetto separation
inte and disintegration

condominiums gun protected
gutter kids and cans collected
make some money, be respected

wasteful profligate uncaring
eco guzzling cars unsparing
who cares if beyond repairing ?


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