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The Worst Is Over

the worst is over, the pain is ended
the least that's said now, the soonest mended
there has to be no point in dwelling on the painful past

it was intense when all worlds collided
the trial and torment have now subsided
it's taken time, but now I see an end in sight at last

they say that time's a gentle healer
it's true the wounds have driven deep
but now at last I've no more tears to weep

after endurance and patient waiting
the worst afflictions are now abating
the maladies and disappointments starting to recede
and come tomorrow I will find renewal and be freed

the gaping wound's no longer bleeding
it's now been stemmed right at its source
the heart-attack has duly run its course

I'm on the mend now, and making movement
yes, I can feel now a vast improvement
and with resolve and fortitude and confidence anew
I'll overcome adversity and I will pull through


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