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Irish Green

this beautiful world has wonders
in distant places they lie
they surely do tug at the heartstrings
and they do please the travelling eye

far from my home I've wandered
many's the valley I've seen
and though every one be pleasing
nothing compares with Irish green
Irish green

sometimes the hills are shrouded
in misty and beautiful rain
they then deck themselves in rainbows
to welcome back the sun again

no matter where my heart goes
I have my glass of poteen
and wherever this life may take me
here in my heart there's Irish green
Irish green

in the rain on the sides of the mountains
the glistening rocks they glimmer
shamrock and ling, everything
lifting the heart and the soul

oh the glens and the streams and the mountains
from far away they call me
songs in the breeze, whispering winds,
call me to where I belong

oh yes
I've roamed in far flung places
all over the world I have been
but these beautiful emerald memories
always lead back to Irish green
Irish green


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