in brief

my name's Pete
from Britainland
I'm an old 60's fogey
I recorded a lot of songs pre-digital as a hobby
using the paid services of one Andy Murtagh esquire
(only crude demos, with my inadequate voice)

(though I did once get one Dale North to sing a cd's worth of my songs - see links)

I later tried sending them out but got rejected and bruised
aeons passed as I wondered how to spell the word aeon
now instead of throwing them all away
I thought I would create a website
and put the Songs in a Bottle on the ocean
to see if anyone might like them
please judge them as potential songs and not as finished performances
(my voice was only meant to be a guide vocal for a real singer)
lyrics are there for you to sing along to
(warning - the words of '
miaouw' are particularly difficult for the non-feline)

now you know all about
and me

please to open the bottle ....


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