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Cleopatra - Cleopatra

after the usual intrigues and family murders
married to suit convention
set out to own
a Roman and Egyptian throne

Cleopatra - Cleopatra

wrapped in a rug presented to Julius Caesar
she wove her spell upon him
after a while
they cruised along the river Nile
mapping the world according to Cleopatra

by Julius Caesar she had a son
appositely named one Caesarian
and in pageant in Rome paraded him pompously - gee !

six Cleopatras who bore the same name
but only the seventh historical fame

purported to be by description
a polyglot who spoke Egyptian

led her domain up a new nook
minus Pothinus the eunuch

she kept a cool head in a crisis
by being the daughter of Isis

when Caesar fell and she had to flee
she then set her sights on Mark Anthony
and she dressed as the goddess Venus seductively - gee !

Cleopatra - Cleopatra

aged thirty-nine, defeated by cold Octavian
Mark Anthony by her side
for her last gasp
she poisoned herself with an asp
last in the line of pharaohs - fair Cleopatra

born 69 bc
little did she know she'd be
last of the royal Ptolemaic dynasty
I thank you


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