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when you can sense that the relationship's over
you're feeling heavy in your heart
because you're searching round to pick up the pieces
although you don't know where to start
how did it come to this ?
go back, retrace all the steps to the very first kiss...

no it was not in such a lovely beginning
so it was somewhere later on
that you conceded to a secret admission
that what was present now is gone
when was it going wrong ?
when did the feelings so certain then cease to be strong ?

it wasn't self-deceit, you had considered well
you'd really found the one, there wasn't any doubt about it
everything was right, with nothing out of place
and destined to endure and going to last forever - but

something in the picture was slowly rearranged
somewhere along the highway your feelings changed
despite your noble efforts you secretly confess
that what you now are feeling is something less

oh but it's strange to now admit
that what you felt is now on the wane
despite your vows, despite yourself
what you now feel you cannot explain

oh but it's strange to find in play
your opened feelings calling your bluff
and telling you though they were strong
that they are now no longer enough

well you've admitted what you're feeling's diminished
and you no longer want to stay
that your commitment is a form of entrapment
you want to throw it all away

when did you realise ?
when did you know there were no longer stars in your eyes ?

you've not found someone else, you've tried to re-ignite
the passions you once felt but now for no external reason
something deep inside which will not be defined
has deemed this is the end because it's just not working

you've come to your conclusion and things are black and white
you've come to your decision for wrong or right
you've come to your conclusion and things are white and black
you've come to your decision, there's no way back


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