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Essence of Love

well I consulted my physician, I told him what and where and how
with my internal constitution there's something missing there right now

he made a full examination and then he turned to me and said
here's my initial diagnosis there's nothing wrong inside in your head

but there's one awkward complication, my word, I don't where to start
in my professional assessment there's something missing in your heart

for this condition you've neglected that you've continued to ignore
I'm going to give a preparation, one that you've never tried before

and if you follow the instructions and take it each and every day
you'll find the power of this potion will make your symptoms go away

remember this is something precious, don't let one spoonful go to waste
you know it's doubly beneficial if you're addicted to the taste

this ultra-special preparation you'll want to know the secret of
has one particular ingredient - I call it Essence of Love

there's one particular ingredient
I call it Essence of Love

you just need Essence of Love


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