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I Don't Remember His Name

I can remember the evening, I can remember the place
the silhouette in the soft light, the handsomeness of the face
the gentleness of the greeting in such a masculine tone
and then the smile with the question - what are you doing alone ?
and I remember the kindling of such a passionate flame
but that was so long ago, I've put it right from my mind
I don't remember his name

I can remember the first times, the words between him and me
the joy of opening secrets, exchanging intimacy
and I remember the minutes, and then the days and the weeks
and how I told him I worship each single word that he speaks
then I remember he told me when he did not feel the same
that there was somebody else - so, like I told you before
I don't remember his name

aint it funny how in life sometimes some things occur
that your heart can think about until they never were ?

like a book you read and then remove it from your shelf
memories are pick-and-choose where you must help yourself

I can remember the feeling like finding fantasy-land
the way the world seemed to tremble whenever he touched my hand
I can recall the emotions that coloured every day
I made a place in this warm heart where I believed he would stay
then I remember he vanished right back to from where he came
I've wiped him right from my mind, so now he doesn't exist
I don't remember his name


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